1. What is Tandem Skydiving?

Tandem Skydiving is the best method for making your first skydive. It takes a minimal amount of instruction, and allows you to make your initial skydive(s) with an instructor harnessed to you for the entire skydiving experience.

2. What is Accelerated Free Fall?

AFF is the quickest method of becoming a qualified skydiver and is also the easiest way to learn with approximately 50 seconds of free fall on every jump guided by our expert instructors. Most of OUR skydives are made from 15,000 ft, and AFF usually turns out to be much cheaper in the long run, and much more fun than the outdated static line method.

3. What are the benefits of AFF over other training methods?

There are many benefits, but two of the main ones are the continuous exposure to free fall, that means that you are in free fall for a long time giving you the time to practice your free fall techniques. Another is our ability to teach you in free fall using hand signals to adjust your body position, thereby giving you a better result.

4. How will I know how I am doing on the course?

As well as your debriefs, we offer video of your jumps, these videos are used to show you how well you are doing and are also combined for you to have and take with you as a record of the whole trip.

5. How does free fall feel?

Free Fall is not the stomach churning feeling of a fun fair ride; because you are falling on a cushion of air like a hovercraft it is a feeling of buoyancy similar to being in the wate, but with a much greater thrill.

6. What if I do not open the parachute?

The opening of the parachute is a very simple affair where you take a toggle attached to a pilot chute and throw it into the airflow; the parachute then opens in sequence. If you lost altitude awareness we would guide you through hand signals telling you to open the parachute and if you did not respond we would open it for you. You should also recognize that our parachutes are fitted with a computerized automatic activation device, which would open the parachute for you if all else failed.

7. After opening is it easy to find the landing zone and fly the parachute to land in the target area?

This worries many people, but everyone finds this easy, after teaching you exactly what to do we give you a mounted radio, and talk you down till you are confident and competent to fly and land yourself. Our canopies fly at approximately 20 mph and are great fun to steer across the sky.

8. Are the landings hard?

We now use the latest ram air canopies, which allow you to land like a fairies fluff! Even the big guys can be afforded soft landings.

9. Is packing the parachute difficult?

Packing is a very simple procedure, we teach you to pack as the course progresses so that you will be competent at all aspects of skydiving before we are finished with you. You are not expected to pack parachutes on your initial skydives.

10. Will I be scared?

Everyone experiences some fear throughout the course. Some find the first jump the most frightening, whereas others feel more relaxed about the first skydive, then feel it later in the course. This is part of the adrenalin buzz of this course. One of the things you will achieve is the ability to confront and control your fear, when you get past this stage you can really start to relax and enjoy the sport.

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